Thursday, 17 April 2014

Testing foundations in drugstores?

I was in Superdrug today, and whilst I was waiting to get my eyebrows threaded as they have an eyebrow station there, I decided to go look at the Borjouis Healthy Mix Serum as I hadn't tried it before (blasphemy, I know) and for me, buying foundations in drugstores is a nightmare. My skin has a yellow undertone, simple enough but then - then there is my cheeks. My cheeks are very pink so trying to buy a foundation that has both pink and yellow undertones is, as I've already said, an absolute nightmare, so I tend to stick to tinted moisturizers which do not have the same amount of coverage as a good foundation which led me to looking at the Borjouis stand. Full circle!

Last time I was in a drugstore buying foundation it was when Rimmels Wake Me Up foundation came out, and you weren't able to test the foundation before you bought it so you would have to go by the  look of the bottle, which I thought I would have to do today but imagine my surprise when I realized there's tester pots. These teeny tiny little pots which had a teeny tiny little spade type thing under the lid so I was able to pick the correct shade of foundation. When did this magnificent thing happen? Is it new? Why did no one tell me?!

I was so happy with my discovery that I tested every single foundation they had in the shop on my hand, completely forgetting to buy the foundation I wanted so I am having to go back tomorrow and pick some up but I don't really care, I'm still reeling from the tester pots which is so sad, I realize aha.

Did you guys know about these? When did they come out?!

Thanks for reading,
                             R x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Hello everyone..

First and foremost, sorry. I said I would be posting twice a day and unfortunately that has not happened for quite a while. My bad.

I do, however, have a very good reason! My mum had pneumonia the last few weeks and has been in and out of hospital, so I've been spending time with her making sure shes okay and taking care of things around the house, as well as studying, homework and school.. There just wasn't enough hours in the day for blogging too.

Thankfully, she is home and has been given the all clear - she still has to take it easy, but she is quickly building up her strength again so that means I can get back to this! yay!

Anyway, this was just a quick note to let you all know that I haven't given up on my blog yet (I mean its got one follower - I'm 'known' now pfft) so keep checking for more!

R x

PS ~ has anyone seen the Amazing Spider-Man 2 nail polishes that Revlon are doing? Definitely on my list!