Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top 5 Beauty Blogs

I am on fire today! well.. yesterday, its now 00:01 here in the UK but you know what I mean.

No one would be on my blog - hell, my blog wouldn't exist - if we didn't like reading beauty blogs, so I thought we should show a little appreciation to the Greats or who I think is great anyway.

I love reading beauty blogs, learning more about other peoples personal style, their opinions on brands that you love, just seeing the world from a different perspective in general, so I thought I would give you a list of my Top 5 Beauty Blogs!

ViviannaDoesMakeup - I love Anna's blog, she's funny, she's smart, she's honest which I think is a great quality for a beauty blogger to have, we trust their opinions (or we should be able to) and I just think she's a genuinely nice girl. Her blog is fantastic, she posts everyday and not everything is about makeup she offers a selection of topics, things such as 'How to Start a Beauty Blog' which I linked to in my Revamp post, she's posts her week in instagram photo's and ugh everything about this blog is beautiful. She's one of the people in the blogging community I idolise.

Lily Pebbles - A stable in everyone's beauty blogger LBB, Lily is funny, she is direct and very honest about the products she shows on her blog. If she doesn't like something, or doesn't think a product is worth buying she tell us which is a quality I can appreciate. She also posts 'lifestyle' posts about things to do around London - places to visit, hidden gems etc. which is great for anyone visiting or moving there, gives us a little personal insight. The photographs on this blog are something I aspire to be able to produce as I am currently using my phone which, you can see if you compare my pictures to hers are absolute rubbish. Very jealous ;)

Shirley's Wardrobe - I have no words for this blog. It is beautiful, it is stylish, it's everything you could ever want. The only thing about Shirley's Wardrobe is that Shirley doesn't post that often (as you can see her last post was on the 18th of Feb) but when she does OH LAWD. So worth it.

Essiebutton - another blog I love. I just can't get enough! Estee is one beautiful woman and she pulls off every single look she has tried and I am so jealous of her I can't even put into words aha. Her blog is stunning, she is stunning, her damn dog is stunning okay?! Just go check her out!

Patricia Bright - Last but certainly not least, Patricia Bright. Whenever I feel sad, I look at her blog. Whenever I feel angry, I look at her blog. Whenever I feel - well, lets just say I am always on her blog. Always. I love what she posts, the pictures, the makeup, the outfits.. everything is just perfect. She literally brightens up my day.

And there we have it. My Top 5 Beauty Blogs. All these girls have a YouTube channel, so be sure to check them out -subscribe and all that jazz.

Who are you guys' top 5 favourite beauty bloggers?

                                                Rachel xo

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